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The National Public Health Laboratory is envisioned to be a science-based institution responsible for coordination of public health functions within the country including disease surveillance, epidemic preparedness and response and laboratory diagnosis through quality research.


Research is one of the core components of the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) as it pledges to be “a centre of excellence providing high quality applied research to improve the health status of the population”. Research section serves many purposes that relate to training, detection of disease causing pathogens and establishing predictors of disease transmissibility to guide interventions. The NPHL requires staff to be involved in research activities at several levels of their training and professional career. The main focus is to increase efficiency of outbreak detection and emergency response but also effectiveness by linking key pillars of public health functions namely surveillance, laboratory capacity, emergency response, communications and public health research. Research findings from NPHL are key in evaluation of various programs within the Ministry of Health and for guiding policy.

The section operates with the committee of members drawn from basic and clinical sciences with the mandate to review all proposals for research to be carried out at NPHL and collaborating Institutions so that they conform to the National Guidelines on conducting Health Research. The NPHL collaborators include Development Partners, Academic Institutions, Research Institutions and all laboratory services Implementing Partners. The NPHL focuses on research projects that will help solve public health problems in local, national and global communities in line with national objectives. The NPHL research objectives are;


As a reference laboratory, we are mandated to conduct evaluation services to ensure the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic tests, testing methods and testing equipment. The range of evaluation services include laboratory testing for post-market surveillance quality check of Invitro Diagnostic Devices (both pre-distribution and post-distribution), reagent and assays and verification of testing equipment.



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