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Information and communication Technology (ICT)  is a section at NPHL  which cuts across all sections, ICT services at National Public Health Laboratory are provided by the ICT Department. NPHL ICT staff are available for consultation on how to access these services. The full list of NPHL staff and their contact details can be obtained in the department information page. 

Laboratory sites which are connected to National Health laboratory are Bugando Medical Centre, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Mbeya Zonal Refferal Hospital, Mnazi mmoja Hospital Zanzibar. This section are used to implement and monitor Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans for laboratory software, manage data storage and advise management on long-term capacity plans. Also provide technical assistance to users by answering technical queries and monitor database performance on regular basis to ensure high availability and accessibility of database servers.

The services provided are as follows

NPHL has a host of facilities available for use by staff and other stakeholders/Customers. Usage of these facilities is monitored by ICT department which ensures implementation of e-Health strategy of the Ministry of Health ICT policy and e-Government ICT policy.

All offices within the NPHL Building have Ethernet ports for connection to the Internet. Wi-Fi access points are deployed across the institution building offering internet connectivity from any area. Secured Wi-Fi is provided in the NPHL building, Passwords can be obtained from the NPHL ICT offices.

The NPHL ICT has a range of servers of varying capacity that can be used to host applications and other server scale-up or for temporary data backup. Some server systems are governed by the e-Government policy regarding hosting and security of public institutional ICT services.



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