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Haematology is one among sections at National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL).

Ordering Haematology Tests

Haematology section at NPHL serves as a referral to some special tests in any circumstances like reagents stock outs, Equipment break down or in high workload situations faced by Laboratories.
For customers aiming to use haematology section for research purposes, they will be required to come at NPHL management for discussion on protocols to handle research samples and entering into Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
Ordering haematological tests it is done by just completing a Sample request form (FM063) available at this website (download here). The requirement and nature of the specimen needed for the tests to be requested are clearly stated in the Sample Collection Manual available at this website. (link for sample collection Manual)

Processing of the request

Processing of all submitted requests for hematology tests will be done as per the NPHL technical procedures.

Release of results

When sample requests are processed, a report is prepared. The result report is given hard copy or electronic depending the requester.

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through the provided contacts under this website.

Services provided at NPHL Haematology section

  1. External Quality Assessment
    Currently the Proficient Testing (PT) offered under hematology section are Full Blood Picture (FBP) and CD4 twice per year 2013. The enrollment is based on individual facility request and the scope is for three and five part equipment, FACS presto and PIMA cd4. NPHL is under process to improve PT services to be in line with ISO 17043 Requirement. Any other Laboratories willing to participate are required to submit a request stipulating the scope of their tests needed to be enrolled. For more clarification and support, please contact us through the detailed contact information.
  2. Verification of instrument requirements for space and services

The purpose of haematological standardization is to obtain precision, accuracy, specificity and harmonization of results between different laboratories in the countries and also between different instruments or methods in the same laboratory. To achieve these objectives NPHL collaborative studies by scientists from academic centres and from industry and uses a consensus procedure for establishing standards on the basis of the scientific data, followed by an educational programme to ensure that the standards are adopted worldwide. NPHL defines material standards and standardized methods.

Tests conducted at haematology section includes:

Other services are available, NPHL under haematology section such as:



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