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The Genotyping and sequencing (G & S) section is a section that deals with the total or partial sequencing of pathogenic microorganisms using the latest technology in sequencing. Our section is equipped with different technologies for short-read sequencing with various platforms. The capillary electrophoresis sequencing technology (Sanger technology), the gold standard for sequencing, the Ion torrent 5s prime embedded with the Ion chef for fully automated library preparation, and the newly purchased Illumina Miseq has joined the fleet to ensure covering all the needs in accomplishing sequencing of microorganisms. We also offer Oxford Nanopore sequencing services to cover the requirements for long reads. The section is equipped with trained and competent personnel, both wet (bench) and dry (bioinformatics) laboratories. The section holds ISO 15189 version 2012 accreditation scope on HIV-1 drug resistance testing and is in the process of enrolling Measles and Rubella genotyping and sequencing.

The section has partnerships with the US’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and different Implementing Partners (IPs) in Tanzania and is fully supported by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Ordering Genotyping & Sequencing Tests:

Customers aiming to use Genotyping and sequencing section for research purposes will be required to approach NPHL management to discuss protocols to handle research samples and enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
Ordering samples for genomics testing, completion of the Sample request form (F063) available at this website is required (link for sample request form). The requirements and nature of the specimen needed for the tests to be requested is clearly stated in the Sample Collection Manual available at this website (link for sample collection Manual)

Processing of the request:

Processing of all submitted requests for Genomics tests will be done as per the NPHL Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


The section has successfully sequenced pathogens obtained through surveillance activities, including Tanzania HIV Impact Survey (THIS) 2017 and Dengue Surveillance 2014 -2019. We have experience sequencing HIV-1 for drug resistance screening, Rotavirus, Dengue virus, measles, Rubella, Influenza virus, bacterial pathogens, and Malaria. The section has played a great role in genotyping SARS-COV-2 to inform the MOH on the variants circulating in different COVID-19 pandemic waves



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