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The certification of Bio safety cabinet it is a special procedure to verify integrity of that piece of equipment so as to provide protection for personnel, product and environment. 

It involve some technical procedures as follows;

Airflow Test

Before anything equipment has to be disinfected by 70% alcohol then process of taking measurement of airflow by use of Thermo anemometer will start. Down flow velocity 

reading is taken, this procedure ensures the acceptance criteria for Downflow velocities as per standard (NSF 49 and EN 12469) and manufacturer under the optimal temperature is verified.

Inflow velocity is taken by use of direct method (DIM) readings or constricted method and it involves calculations to get results. All data must conform to the standard (NSF 49 and EN 12469) 

and as per manufacturer or otherwise balancing of airflow is done to biological safety cabinet. The aim of this procedure is to ensure safety is offered and not compromise to personnel, product and environment.

Hepa filter leakage test

High Efficient Particulate Air Filter (HEPA-Filter), it provide protection by trapping microbes either by well interlinked fibers of filter or small size of micro poles that prevent infectious aerosol to 

spread out by sneaking, All filters are scanned to check any sign of leakage traces and if found with leakage, then it will be patched using silicon materials for effectiveness control of leak by 

considering allowable patching size which it should be below 3% of the total area of the filters.

On site user training

Training coverage:

Overview on Biosafety cabinet (what is it, why) and parts identification

Good working practices on Biosafety Cabinet

Smoke Pattern Test (Demonstration)

Factor influence unstable airflow (eg. Use of flame inside the cabinet)

First line maintenance ( user maintenance)

On training part of it, users are demonstrated on how to work on Biosafety cabinet in a way that eliminate cross contamination of the sample, personnel exposure to dangerous microbes and environment protection for health living. It was considered all personnel in lab be involved fully on safety training as to clear any doubt they have on proper working without jeopardizing our wellbeing.



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